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Understanding Stress in Modern Society

One of the most common questions we are asked in the clinic is the question regarding a symptom or a disease — do you think this could possibly be due to stress….?

By attending these workshops you will be able to • increase your scientific understanding of stress in modern society • communicate the benefits of an AcuEnergetics approach • Improve your knowledge regarding treating with AcuEnergetics 

This is a 2-Part Series and...

This will be Rupa and Richards' last Continuing Education event before moving to Europe!

Don't miss the opportunity!
Video footage will be released at a later date, yet to be confirmed.

Day 1

• What exactly happens in the body when there is stress- includes biomedical picture, current research on physiological effects including hormones, organs, genetic patterns, nervous system etc

• How this can influence our treatments with AcuEnergetics

• social environmental considerations - why is stress increasing

• some common symptoms of stress which present in practice

• AcuEnergetics treatment strategies to consider including beneficial points and some commonly seen patterns (part 1)

• practical examples included throughout the workshop

Day 2 - a continuation from day 1

• managing stress including a review of recent scientific research

• If, when and how to approach treatment with AcuEnergetics

• brain changes and physiological effects of meditation and various insights including astronaut research and mainstream practices

• Practical treatment using AcuEnergetics strategies including beneficial points and some commonly seen patterns (part 2 )

• Practical examples included throughout the workshop



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