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Women’s Physiology and Cycles | Presented by Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée | Filmed 29th July 2016 | 1 point

Women’s Physiology and Cycles | Presented by Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée | Filmed 29th July 2016 | 1 point

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Date of Filming: 29th July 2016

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This is a recording of the AAAP Continuing Education Day held on 29th July 2016 at the AcuEnergetics® Centre in Balmain, Australia.

Presented by Elisabeth Rochat, this AAAP Continuing Education Day focuses on characteristics of female physiology, psychology and anatomy.

Elisabeth Rochat is an internationally renowned scholar and translator of classical Chinese medical and philosophical texts. Born in Paris in 1949, she achieved Master Degrees in Classical Literature, Philosophy and Chinese before co-founding the Paris Ricci Institute (1971) and European School of Acupuncture (1975), later holding the position of General Secretary at both. She is well known for her collaborations with Claude Larre and Jean Schatz on Chinese thinking and Chinese medicine.

Elisabeth Rochat teaches at the Jesuit University of Paris (Chinese Philosophy and Spirituality) and is a Senior Lecturer at the European School of Acupuncture (Chinese Classical Texts & Language), as well as teaching at the Nantes University of Medicine in the context of the Acupuncture Inter-University Diploma. She is the celebrated author of numerous books that have been translated into many languages, and a highly respected educator across the world.

This AAAP day is not to be missed, as Elisabeth Rochat examines the cycle of fertility, menstruation, and the specific regulation of blood and qi in a woman’s body through the elucidation of the relationship of the uterus with the various organs and meridians concerned with this regulation and its disorders. The workshop will be based on classical texts including the Huangdi Neijing (Suwen and Lingshu), and Jingui Yaolüe, among others.

Practitioners and Wellness Balancers: your attendance on this day or purchase of the recording will count towards your AcuEnergetics® Continuing Education requirement for 2016.

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