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Insights into the Immune System | Presented by Dr Richard & Rupa Selecki | Filmed 24th June 2017 | 1 point

Insights into the Immune System | Presented by Dr Richard & Rupa Selecki | Filmed 24th June 2017 | 1 point

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Format: Download | includes event recording and course notes
Date of Filming: 24th June 2017

Video access: Access details are on the last page of the notes.

This is a recording of the AAAP Continuing Education Day held on 24th June 2017 at the AcuEnergetics® Centre in Balmain, Australia. On this day, Dr Richard and Rupa Selecki’s brought together their decades of experience with Western medicine, acupuncture and AcuEnergetics to provide insights into the immune system.

Course content:
  • Medical biology and physiology of the immune system including perspectives from a cellular level and details about the body’s defence system 
  • Energetic perspectives and understandings including Traditional Chinese Medicine, eg. points, channels, centers and emotions 
  • Gut health and the immune system
  • Common problems seen in clinic such as frequent infections, auto immune diseases, fatigue, allergies 
  • Helpful understandings and practical strategies to approach treatment
AcuEnergetics® Practitioners: your attendance on this day or purchase of this recording will go towards your AcuEnergetics® Continuing Education requirement for 2017.

  • Dr Richard Selecki, MBBS, FAMAS, Senior AcuEnergetics® Practitioner - more than 30 years clinical experience with Western medicine, Acupuncture and AcuEnergetics® 
  • Rupa Selecki BHSc.TCM, Senior AcuEnergetics® Practitioner & Teacher - more than 20 years clinical experience with Acupuncture, AcuEnergetics® & Taoist meditation

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