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Professional Membership

Professional Membership

$80.00 /year

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AAAP Professional Membership is for registered AcuEnergetics® Practitioners and Wellness Balancers who have completed all AcuEnergetics® exams and other requirements.

Your AAAP membership fee covers one year of membership starting from the date of purchase. AAAP membership includes an auto renewal feature (optional) so you can be confident in maintaining current AAAP membership in the future.

Important: If you are an AcuEnergetics® Practitioner or Wellness Balancer and your AAAP membership expires, you will no longer be compliant with the terms of your AcuEnergetics® license.

The AAAP is committed to supporting its members and to the ongoing advancement of AcuEnergetics®.

AAAP membership includes these key benefits:

  • High quality training by way of Continuing Education Days and First Aid Certification
  • Filmed recordings of Continuing Education Days 
  • Access to AcuEnergetics® online exams
  • Compliance for industry insurance programs
  • Building AcuEnergetics® modality and community
  • Formalised knowledge sharing
  • Community events
  • Access to AAAP library / study materials
  • Open Door Program and issue resolution

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