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Board Zone: Subcommittees & Roles | Vice President

At the start of the new term, check new term updates and become familiar with the AAAP Constitution.

As Vice President (VP) you are there to assist the President, the other officers and the board. The role of VP is important but also the least-defined, so you have a unique opportunity to tailor the role to your own interests and skills. This role will be what you make of it. Serving as VP is a great officer board position and can be seen as training for future presidents.

The role of Vice President can also include:
  • Monitor vp@aaap.org.au email account - use this email account for all correspondence related to your role as an AAAP Officer. Archive emails so they are available for others in the VP role in future. Keep personal correspondence that is not related to your AAAP Officer role in your usual personal email account
  • Assisting the President and accepting delegated tasks as required
  • Become familiar with Presidentā€™s duties so you can fill in if they are unavailable, eg. chair board meetingsĀ 
  • Working with the President to understand alternative points of view or concerns within the association
  • A role in day-to-day operations of the board
  • Participating in board meetings and provide input for decisions.