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FAQs: AAAP Event Recordings

I purchased an event recording in USB format and selected to have it posted to me. When can I expect to receive it?
For orders within Australia, please allow 4 weeks from date of purchase. For orders outside Australia, please allow 6 weeks from date of purchase. It may less time than this but we would rather you get a nice surprise early instead of waiting longer than expected! If you have been waiting longer than this time and would like to check the progress of your order, simply email info@aaap.org.au with your order details.

I purchased an event recording in download format but am having trouble downloading the file(s). How can I fix this?
The Continuing Education event recordings are big files (remember it's a filmed recording of a full-day workshop plus course notes) so it's likely you will need to allow a few hours for the download to complete, or you might prefer to let the download run overnight. Problems experienced either downloading or accessing the files could be due to a variety of reasons, and the good news is that some are quite easy to solve. The most common causes/solutions are listed below. If these suggestions do not work or you would like more assistance, simply contact info@aaap.org.au with details of your problem and we will help you as soon as possible.
Troubleshooting tips for downloading event recordings:

  • Turn off sleep mode | AAAP event recordings are big files so they will take a while to download. If you are leaving your computer unattended while the file is downloading, you may like to turn off sleep mode since this setting sometimes shuts off wifi which stops the download from finishing and causes an error message. 
  • Mac users, do you have the correct software? | If you are using a Mac, you may find it helpful to install 'The Unarchiver'. This software is a much more capable replacement for 'Archive Utility' app, which is the built-in archive extraction program on Mac OS X. 'The Unarchiver' is designed to handle many more formats than 'Archive Utility'.