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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered here, please get in touch via info@aaap.org.au

AAAP Organisation

  • What does ‘AAAP’ stand for?
  • What does the AAAP do?

AAAP Membership Program

  • What are the benefits of AAAP membership?
  • How much does AAAP membership cost?
  • What length of time is AAAP membership valid?
  • I’m not sure if I currently have AAAP membership or when it will expire. How can I check?
  • What are the differences between the three types of AAAP membership?
  • Is AAAP membership compulsory?
  • I live outside Australia. How can AAAP membership benefit me?
  • Can AAAP membership be refunded or transferred?
  • I've recently qualified as an AcuEnergetics® Practitioner / Wellness Balancer. How does this affect my AAAP membership?
  • I've recently qualified as an AcuEnergetics® Practitioner / Wellness Balancer. How can AAAP membership help me to get insurance?

AAAP Website & Communications

  • I've forgotten my AAAP password
  • I can't log into my AAAP account. What do I do?
  • When will I receive a reply to my email?
  • How do I subscribe to AAAP e-newsletters?


  • How can I buy AAAP event tickets and AAAP event recordings?
  • Can I purchase AAAP membership / AAAP products in cash at the AcuEnergetics® Centre?
  • Why do I have to use my credit card to purchase my AAAP membership - why can’t I use PayPal?
  • What is Stripe and how is it secure?
  • I want to purchase an item from the AAAP Shop but cannot add it to my cart. Why won’t the system let me complete this purchase?

AAAP Events

  • Can anyone attend a AAAP event?
  • Can I attend a AAAP Continuing Education Day without pre-purchasing a ticket?
  • I have purchased a ticket to attend a Continuing Education Day – do I need to bring a printed ticket or other proof of purchase?

AAAP Event Recordings

  • I recently purchased a event recording in USB format. When can I expect to receive it in the post?
  • I purchased an event recording in download format but am having trouble downloading the file(s). How can I fix this? 
Still have more questions? Contact us via info@aaap.org.au