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Meet the Board: 2016 - 2017 term

The AAAP board is compiled of AcuEnergetics® Practitioners, Wellness Balancers and students. As advocates for AcuEnergetics® we serve as volunteers, contributing our expertise towards the common goal of advancing together. Whether you are new to AcuEnergetics®, an experienced Practitioner or somewhere in between, the AAAP serves to benefit you.


President: Marliesa Peitzman 
Marliesa started her AcuEnergetics® journey in 2011. After hearing about the modality from friends in Europe she helped in setting up the first Level 1 workshop in the UK. Healing, self-discovery and meditation has always been an interest of hers. She lived and trained at the Humaniversity (a therapeutic community and centre for personal growth in the Netherlands) and completed the 4 year Humaniversity Therapist Training. Astrology is another big passion of hers and she studied at the Faculty of Astrology in London. Marliesa is a qualified AcuEnergetics® Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and in the process to becoming an AcuEnergetics® Teacher. 
Contact: president@aaap.org.au

Vice President: Kate Kooper
Kate Kooper AAAPKate is an AcuEnergetics® Practitioner and Meditation Teacher. Her AcuEnergetics® journey began in 2008 following an initial treatment where she was where she was fascinated by the AcuEnergetics® approach and successful results. As part of her career transition she managed a multi-disciplinary health clinic and has also worked as a Executive Assistant in corporate IT. Kate’s passion for AcuEnergetics® has seen her travel to the Netherlands in 2012, and in 2013 she assisted in the launch of AcuEnergetics® in the USA. This is Kate's fifth year of service as an Officer on the AAAP board.
Contact: vp@aaap.org.au

Secretary: Jennifer Clark
Jennifer became interested in natural and complementary medicine following the sudden illness and death of her father and witnessing the limitations of conventional medicine in his treatment. She has since pursued studies in kinesiology with a focus on acupressure and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which eventually led her to AcuEnergetics. She is a practitioner level student.  Prior to arriving in Australia, she worked as a breakfast radio presenter in America. Jennifer has also worked as a talkback radio producer in Sydney and in media consulting. She currently works in the wine industry and also studies dog training. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Behavior and Management from Brown University in the US.
Contact: secretary@aaap.org.au

Treasurer: Victoria Falconer
Victoria has worked in the pharmaceutical clinical trials industry since 2000, in a number of therapeutic areas including cardiology, cancer and immunology studies. After reading about the experiences patients go through during clinical trials, and always having had an interest in energy healing, Victoria discovered AcuEnergetics® in 2008. Following a number of life changing AcuEnergetics® treatments and returning from a short stint in the UK, in 2013 Victoria decided it was time to begin the Level 1 course. She is currently an AcuEnergetics® Practitioner and AcuEnergetics® meditation teacher.
Contact: treasurer@aaap.org.au



Andrea Conin
Andrea has had a life long interest in natural disease prevention & reversal. Her journey with AcuEnergetics® started in 2004 after a successful treatment for back pain. She is a busy mother of two children and a qualified AcuEnergetics® Wellness Balancer.

Brian Beveridge
Brian has spent his working career mainly in Operational leadership roles in Customer Support and Contact Centres both in NZ and Australia. He has had an interest in energy healing for many years and was first introduced to AcuEnergetics® at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in 2015. Brian is currently studying to become an AcuEnergetics® Practitioner.

Emma Ekholm
After completing her Bachelor degree in Health and Social Care in Helsinki, Emma traveled through the UK before arriving in Australia in 2013 and is currently working in childcare. Emma started AcuEnergetics® in 2014 after several successful treatments prompted her to begin the Level 1 course. Emma is now studying to become an AcuEnergetics® Practitioner.

Estelle Fong
Estelle is a qualified AcuEnergetics® Wellness Balancer, and is currently completing her AcuEnergetics® Practitioner Training. She has extensive experience working with professionals across a range of disciplines including disabilities, oncology, cardiology, learning difficulties, speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy. Estelle is inspired by the results and improved quality of life from the AcuEnergetics® treatment she has seen in her daughter, who had leukaemia at 18 months, and cardio health issues. She has a Bachelor of Economics and worked as a chartered accountant in a professional services firm and in large financial institutions for 12 years. Estelle lives with her husband and two children, and understands the importance of personal and family wellness.

Kimberley Campbell-Zeltner
Having a thriving corporate career of 17 years, Kimberley experienced the tragic loss of her daughter, followed two years later by a severe injury due to a car accident. These two events threw Kimberley into a journey of self-discovery. Kimberley is now a highly sought after practitioner, healer, presenter and trainer that has been dedicated to helping others heal since 1999. Having studied over six modalities, AcuEnergetics® being one of those, she has researched how these modalities can work together. Kimberley has helped thousands of people feel empowered, change their patterns, heal their pain and experience a renewed sense of wellbeing. She is now dedicating her research and practice to women’s needs through all stages of life, specializing in Women’s Health, Fertility, Conscious Pregnancy & Birth. Kimberley’s purpose is to provide women with the best-informed choices for optimum health and wellbeing.

Luke Smith
Bio to follow







Rochelle Taylor
Rochelle is the General Manager of AcuEnergetics®, as well as a Senior AcuEnergetics® Practitioner and Teacher. She has been practicing AcuEnergetics® since 2005 and is fully qualified to teach AcuEnergetics® Level 1 and AcuEnergetics® Level 2. She is currently a co-teacher for AcuEnergetics® Level 3 and the AcuEnergetics® Practitioner Training.