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Practice Groups and Study Groups

The AAAP is focusing on developing a support and development network for new students and practitioners. 

This program is designed to encourage the sharing of knowledge, to work through and discuss cases together, to practise the skills and techniques on each other and to practise procedures and concepts taught in the courses.

Practice Groups will need to have at least one senior practitioner involved to answer questions and give guidance, or at least an experienced practitioner. Your local representative will endeavour to arrange a volunteer. If one cannot be arranged, it may be necessary to increase the participation fee, and provide a payment for a practitioner to oversee the meet. Practitioners that oversee groups will have the benefit of potential interns, an expanded network and broadening their own understanding through teaching. 

Each of these groups, and meetups will naturally have a limit to attendance, and these must be specified by organisers. RSVP will be required as numbers grow for each meet.

Practice Groups

The AAAP will endeavour to assist in initial setup of practice groups, and then each group will become autonomous. Group representatives are to investigate setup costs, which may involve purchasing low-cost treatment tables and stools (in cases where there aren't any available amongst the students and practitioners) and affordable room hire if required. In order for this to be sustainable, a small fee will need to be charged to participants to recover costs, and for each practice group/session to be able to run independently. The isn't to make money, the aim is to foster a strong community with active skill development, and to create support network for each and every one of us.


Study Groups

Forming small study groups is an essential element in developing the correct understanding and new perspectives within the AcuEnergetics framework. The AAAP can assist in forming these groups through the network of local AcuEnergetics teachers, practitioners and students. 




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