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AAAP Scholarship Program 2015 - 2016 is now complete

The Scholarship Program initiative is part of the AAAP's ongoing commitment to further the interests of AcuEnergetics® Practitioners, Wellness Balancers and students, and to promote the AcuEnergetics® healing modality. Scholarship(s) are awarded based on merit, a clear commitment to the modality and school, and a demonstrated drive to continue personal development and learning.

Scholarship funds awarded to successful applicants are lodged directly with the AcuEnergetics® School for the chosen course/workshop. We wish all applicants much success on your journey with AcuEnergetics®.

Applications for the AAAP Scholarship Program 2015-2016 have now closed.  We are planning to offer the Scholarship Program again to all AAAP members in 2016 for the 2016/17 cycle.

For any inquiries about the AAAP Scholarship Program, please email info@aaap.org.au